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5 dream destination Christmas adventures…

The festive season doesn’t have to always see us hibernating indoors. If we’re lucky enough to get some time out, there’s a world of wintery adventure out there for the taking. We’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of the amazing places we’d love to take a winter jaunt to. Here are our top 5…

 A lodge in the Canadian Rockies

Channelling our inner Last Christmas music video self, we’ve long desired a log cabin mini break. The Cathedral Mountain lodge in the Rockies provides the ultimate in Wilderness luxury. Located in the Yoho National Park, close to Lake Louise, it’s a great spot to explore on stunning mountain hikes and maybe even do some bear spotting.


An igloo in Finland

The Kakslauttanen resort in Finland’s arctic wilderness began its life when adventurer Jussi Eiramo ran out of fuel on a solo fishing trip in 1973. He set up camp in deserted Kakslauttanen and fell in love with the place. The following year he returned and built a lodge, then a café. Now over 40 years later the place has become one of Finland’s best known holiday destinations, still run by Jussi. Their glass igloos are an iconic addition to the landscape and to spend the night here is a magical once in a lifetime experience.


A Japanese hot springs spa

Why Japan in the winter? Beating the crowds is a plus, Japan’s less popular during the cold winter months, so immediately you’re getting away from the crowds. Leave the city lights of Tokyo and Yokohoma behind and find rural tranquillity at one of Japan’s many spa resorts. Top of our list is the hot spring town of Kusatsu. The Yubataka springs are illuminated at night and you can while away hours in the natural emerald waters.  


Cologne for Christmas market excess

If you’re up for the crowds, smells and sounds of Christmas, Cologne has some of the most delightful Christmas markets in the world. Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom is the largest, a city within a city of wooded huts selling decorations, crafts and the inevitable mulled wine. Nearby you’ll also find the smaller but very sweet Angel’s Christmas Market, complete with streets covered in glitter (really).


London’s sleeping streets

If we aren’t hopping on a plane, we always make time to enjoy London over the festive period. It seems odd for a city of 8million, but Christmas sees our capital city empty out like no other time of the year. The period of Christmas Eve to Boxing Day finds the streets much quieter, calmer and less frenetic. Take a walk from Westminster to the deserted paths of the City. It’s a perfect time to enjoy London.

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