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5 facts about incense...

Have you been enjoying our new range of incense? If you have, here are some facts about the smoky sticks of joy...

  1. The oldest use of incense recorded is by the Chinese, around 2000 BC. Incense burners from ancient Egyptians 7C BC have been discovered. It is believed Egyptians burned extracts of plants to appease the gods with its pleasant aroma. In the 14thcentury Japanese samurai warriors used incense to perfume their helmets to produce an aura of invincibility.
  2. India is the largest producer of incense in the world. Its use in Buddhist and Hindu rituals and in early medicinal practices there has meant that the burning of incense is ingrained in Indian culture.
  3. The ‘stick’ of the incense is generally always constructed of a bamboo stick, rolled in a charcoal of vegetable, plant extract and sandalwood. The unique scents are created by dipping the stick into essential oil once the base has dried.
  4. The longest incense stick ever, recorded by the Guiness Book of Records was 51ft long!
  5. As well as creating a pleasant atmosphere, incense has been used for generations as an effective, natural insect repellent.


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