5 top wilderness escapes in the UK

5 top wilderness escapes in the UK

We consider ourselves to be fairly sociable folks here at Lost In Scent. But we’re sure we’re not alone in needing time out now and again. Time away from the crowds, a place to be by yourself. As seasons change and there’s a creeping sense of winter in the air, moods can dip with the lack of daylight and our own sense of well-being can feel challenged. So it’s important to us to find adventure and time to press pause on the everyday schedule. From total isolation to respite from the crush of the city, we’ve collected five of our top escapes-from-the-crowd within the UK. 
  1. Pap of Glencoe: Best for views
Sure, there are prettier walks and yes, it’s a bit of a slog up this 742ft Graham, but there’s a treat at the top for those who make the journey. While the Pap is much photographed from below, it’s not actually a popular hike, and many don’t know just how incredible the view is at the peak – with Loch Levan and Glencoe sprawled out below.
  1. Kew Gardens: Best for inner-city calm
It’s hard to find yourself alone in a city of 8million, but London’s long-treasured Kew Gardens offers many opportunities. Take a walk on a weekday, preferably late afternoon, and you’ll find yourself plenty of routes without the crowds. We love to enter via Brentford Gate and head off-path in the vague same direction as the Thames and find ourselves in the cedarwoods where there are fewer day trippers and beautiful wooded secrets to discover.
  1. Craster to Low Newton: Best for coast lovers
Want a stretch of uninterrupted white sand, unspoiled by crowds and tourist attractions? Head north east and seek out this gem of a walk. Miles of stunning Northumberland sand, with enough space to meander without being bothered by anything other than a passing seagull or, if you’re lucky a passing Osprey. Do not finish this walk without stopping at the Ship Inn at Low Newton for one of their famous crab sandwiches and a pint. (Photo above)
  1. ‘Wendy’ The Coastal carriage: Best for solitude without neighbours
This truly remarkable holiday rental is for when you desperately need a remote break! A converted Edwardian train carriage that now acts as a holiday home between the welsh beaches of Aberporth and Tresaith, the property has no road leading up to it so visitors must carry their suitcases 1/3 mile up to the front door.
  1. Malham Tarn: Best for a walk with a secret
The National Trust listed this as one of their top ‘secret’ walks for it’s secluded and quiet nature. Deep in south west Yorkshire Dales national park, the walk finds explorers at ‘Janet’s Foss’, a hidden waterfall which local legend suggests in inhabited by Janet, Queen of the Fairies! There’s an unreachable hidden cave behind the falls, in which young explorers might spy a glimpse of Janet.

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Fab ideas …….. particularly like the Pap If Glencoe idea …… and been there so beautiful……….. perfect ‘Get Away’ destination.

Linda P. G.Keenan

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