Alberta Ferretti and Earth Hour

Alberta Ferretti and Earth Hour

We were thrilled to be asked to collaborate with Livia Firth's sustainable consultancy firm Eco-Age on a project for Alberta Ferretti and Earth Hour.

Alberta Ferretti and Livia FirthFor an event to launch Ferretti's 'Love Me' capsule collection we curated a special limited edition candle for Italian fashion designer. The candle was part of a special kit for celebrating earth hour, meaning participants could turn their lights off and spend 60 minutes by the glow of a beautiful soy wax candle! 

Feretti's new collection is a continuation of ethically conscious design, including sweatshirts bearing the slogans 'Love Me', 'Help Me' and 'Save the Earth'. The items are all produced using certified organic, recycled or low impact materials. Eco-age, who are supporting Ferretti's project, describe the collection as a "celebration of the planet and a declaration of how we must save it." All very much in line with the way Lost In Scent thinks, we were super happy to provide a candle for the launch. 

Did you join in with Earth Hour? We managed to log off, turn off the lights and the TV and joined millions in a gesture of prioritising nature and a future preserving our precious earth. 

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Very inspiring…… love the look of the sweatshirts and the ethical message ……..🌿 how fab A tribute to Lost In Scent And the special edition candle .. wow !

Linda keenan

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