Check in to Palm Springs....

Check in to Palm Springs....

Our latest scent Palm Springs is, as always, inspired by our own personal adventures. Our journeys through California have always been surprising, but discovering the oasis of Palm Springs was a real curve ball. We'd always assumed it was a little bit kitsch, a Hollywood retirement home, a bit on the nose. We were wrong and we apologise!

What did we discover of Palm Springs? That the desert breezes through this city like a comforting blanket. The Joshua Tree and Indian Canyons so close, hiking, meditation and desert calm is never far from reach. The vibe is mellow, purposefully slowing down rather than a sensory overload. We discovered hot water springs, lush valleys of palms, Native American heritage, snow capped mountains overlooking yuccas and cacti. It's a city that's as much a dichotomy as perfectly balanced and comfortable with itself. 

We stayed at La Maison, a small family run hotel that felt like home instantly. We felt chi-chi having brunch at the Ace Hotel one morning, and healthy and calm up in the San Jacinto Mountains the next. We ate cuban food at Rick's and drank jalapeño margaritas at every junction. 

We urge you to visit in your lifetime. To experience a slice of it, try our new Palm Springs scent. Inspired by the way desert air blends with the light hedonism of the city's joyfulness. Vanilla, patchouli and spikes of exotic fruit underpin this charming little journey to a place where poolside and mountaintop are not at odds with each other...












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