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Go big or go home...

One of the questions we get asked a lot is if or when we will produce our candles in a bigger size. Well, you talked and we listened... 

Say hello to Lost in Scent's newest addition. Our Grand Candle is a bumper sized 285g, bringing the biggest burn yet to our collection. Giving you a whopping 48 hours (approx) of burn time, we like to think of this candle as the ultimate in scent indulgence, for those long nights of luxury where you just want to transport away from the humdrum of daily life! 

Currently we stock three of our signature scents in this Grand size - Paris en Fleur, Hebrides and Big Sur. We are also offering our two seasonal scents, Holiday Cheer and Snowed In, in the bigger size for a limited period. 

In our signature amber glass, the moulded jar comes with a coco-wood lid, protecting your beloved soy wax candle. 

So treat yourself and enjoy a candle that glows self-love... 

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