Hebrides in isolation

Hebrides in isolation

Thought your lockdown felt isolated? Take a look at this recently produced video capturing life during lockdown in the Hebrides.



With contributions from over 70 people on the islands of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra, it gives a glimpse into what life was like for the residents when the islands closed for business. From delivery of food from volunteers and online schooling to observations on how the time was affecting the landscape and nature of Scotland's Hebrides. 

The film was the project of film maker and podcaster Alasdair Satchel: “I was really interested in the idea that we are all in isolation together in the islands, but also in the fact that everyone has had their own experiences. It’s almost been like putting humanity under a magnifying glass."

Alasdair also creates the podcast 'What We Do In The Winter' which is a fantastic look into island life. 


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