Hello, Chiswick Herb

Hello, Chiswick Herb

We're excited to launch a brand new scent, Chiswick Herb

The ethos of Lost In Scent is all about bring the excitement of wanderlust back to our own homes. But for this scent we are acknowledging that sometimes, the greatest of escapes can be closer to home. Inspired by our own personal happy place, West London's Chiswick House, this scent is an appreciation of stopping the appreciate the simpler things. Herbs, florals and fresh-from-the-earth scents that we can find close to home, or even in our own garden hideouts. 

The main notes of the scent are mint, jasmine and tomato flower, and the effect is light, whimsical and nostalgic. The smell of tomato is a particular favourite for us, reminding us of happy childhood days in our grandparent's greenhouses! 

If you like your scents earthy and herbaceous, this is the perfect candle for you. 

Available in 180g amber jar and 100g travel candle. 


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