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Highest summits in the world...

We're so excited about our brand new Summit incense. With bracing and invigorating vetiver, it's inspired by our own hikes to the some awe-inspiring peaks. But none of them as high as the world's biggest peaks. Some mountain top facts about the globe's greatest heights...

1. Mount Everest, Nepal. 29029 feet. FACT: The English name Everest was attributed to the mountain, whose Nepali name is Sagarmatha, in 1865 by the Royal Geographical Society, after former Surveyor General of India, George Everest. He objected to the honour as he had nothing to do with its discovery. 

2. K2, Pakistan 8611 feet. FACT A deadly and dangerous mountain to ascend. It is estimated for every four people who make the summit, one attempt ends in death. 

3. Kangchenjunga, Nepal/India. 8586 feet. FACT: Until 1852 Kangchenjunga was believed to be the highest mountain in the world. Recalculations demoted it to third place! 

4. Lhotse, Himalaya. 8516 feet. FACT The first woman to reach Lhotse's peak was Chantal Mauduit in 1996. She sadly died just two years later attempting to traverse Dhaulagiri in Nepal. 

5. Makalu, China/Nepal. 8485 feet. FACT: Sir Edmund Hillary, who was one of the first conquerers of Everest, attempted to scale Makalu in 1955 but was defeated by injury and illness in his team. 



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