How to burn a candle

How to burn a candle

How do I get the best burn from my candle? Seems simple? Well, yes it is and it isn't. Here we share the best tips for burning a scented candle. The does and don't's of candle craft...

DO burn your candle for at least two hours the very first time you burn it. This creates a burn pool which reaches the glass edges, meaning next time you burn it, the wax will burn evenly. This avoids creating that annoying 'well' in the centre. 

DON'T burn it in a draughty area. The flame will flicker too much and cause the candle to burn down much quicker than you want. 

DO trim the wick of the candle. So many people forget to do this! Keep that wick trimmed down to 1/8 of an inch at all times. 

DON'T let it get dusty. If you let your candle sit exposed for too long, dust can gather on the surface of the wax. When the candle burns, that dust will interfere with the wax and efficiency of the burn. Take a humid cotton pad or bud and gentle wipe the surface of the wax to remove it before burns.

DO clean the jar. If your glass jar is turning black due to the candle having been left to burn for too long, use a damp cotton pad with warm water to remove the stains. Dry the glass before you light the candle.

DO Burn it! We say this a lot - don't leave a neglected candle gathering dust on a shelf. Untouched candles will start to lose their scent after a year of sitting patiently waiting to be lit. Burn it and burn it bright!  

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