How to burn a candle....

How to burn a candle....

Are you burning your candle the right way? Some simple tricks will help you get the most out of your candle…


Burn to the edge…

Make sure every time you burn your candle you allow the burn pool (the circle of liquid wax radiating from the wick) to reach the edge of the candle jar. This stops your candle ‘funnelling’ – which is an annoying well in the centre of the candle – and stops you wasting precious wax. Set aside time to burn your candle, and never burn for less than 90 minutes.

Pick your space wisely

Don’t burn the candle in a draughty spot. A breeze will speed up the burn of the candle and you’ll get much less burning time out of the candle.


Trim your wick

Probably one of the most important things you should do with your candle is keep your wick trimmed. If you burn with a long wick your candle flame will be too large, and you will get a smokier burn. It will also scorch the sides of the jar, making your overall burn less beautiful. Use scissors or a wick trimmer to keep your wick at 1/8 of an inch at all times.


Dust it!

If you let your candle sit exposed for too long, dust can gather on the surface of the wax. When the candle burns, that dust will interfere with the wax and efficiency of the burn. Take a humid cotton pad or bud and gentle wipe the surface of the wax to remove it before burns.


Burn it!

Our biggest bugbear with candles is seeing an unloved, neglected candle gathering dust on a shelf. Untouched candles will start to lose their scent after a year of sitting patiently waiting to be lit. Burn it and burn it bright!  



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