Into the night...

Into the night...

With darkness starting to creep into our shorter days, we’re embracing the darkness of winter. Our brand new collection, Nocturnal, celebrates all that is beautiful under the light of the moon.


Desert skies illuminated by stars, with notes of sandalwood, cardamom and night jasmine, the vastness of the night sky is the muse for Nocturnal No.1. Into the woods and watching the forest come to life at night, Nocturnal No.2 is the hushed awakening of nature from dusk to midnight. Magnolia, clove and cedarwood lead a path to night-time ebullience.


We know that losing daylight for many is hard, and how our positive outlook is so often dependent on the sunlight. But with Nocturnal we’re aiming to face the winter ahead with a mindful appreciation of moonlight, magic in the stars and the nocturnal life of our beloved great outdoors.



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