Into the Wild - Wilderness warnings

Into the Wild - Wilderness warnings

The legacy of Into the Wild's Chris McCandless ill-fated desire to live off grid has been far reaching. A book and subsequent film- Into the Wild - based on McCandless's Alaskan isolation has turned Chris into an icon for many. 

But now Alaskan authorities are asking people to heed the warnings of Chris's own death and to refrain from seeking out the bus in which he spent his final days. Located 30 miles from the nearest town, the deserted school bus is dangerously positioned and visitors are required to cross the treacherous Teklanika river to reach it. Never the less each year many try and make the journey. Only last month 5 hikers were rescued attempting to reach the bus - one of whom had frostbite. Last year newlywed Veramika Maikamava was killed trying to cross the river with her husband. 

This article on the BBC website discusses the risks that fans of Chris are willing to take to visit the bus, and why Alaskan search and rescue teams are discouraging new attempts. 

A debate rages on as to whether removing the bus would be the best option for eradicating the risk to life that the pilgrimages pose...






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