Paris en Fleur

Paris en Fleur

Have you discovered our brand new scent, Paris en Fleur

Inspired by lazy, long weekends in the Saint Germain area of one of most favourite cities, it's a languid, romantic scent. Combining musk, orange and the most pleasing of lavender notes, it's a soft, uplifting mood. 

Lavender is quite a polarising note - some people adore and it and ask us which of our candles includes it, and some people simply can't abide it. For some it has memories of old fashioned perfumed cosmetics or fragrances that our grandmothers may have daubed on in the 1980s. But lavender has powerful effects. Its believed to help soothe insomnia, calm headaches and overall is a stress-busting scent. In Paris en Fleur we use it carefully, for too much of it will overpower the scent combination. 

As autumn arrives, Paris en Fleur is a romantic au devoir to sunny balmy days, and a nod to getting wrapped up to enjoy the more crisp sunlight of the season's change.






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