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Reasons to be cheerful...

We’re sure, like us, you’ve had some good days and some tough days during this coronavirus lockdown. If you’re looking for something positive, we’re sharing 5 reasons to be cheerful. It’s not all bad…

  • With aquariums closed around the world, many of them are allowing their resident penguins free reign of the places. Check out this video for an instant cheer-up.
  • Some good news that may have escaped your notice: McDonald’s have pledged to END their use of plastic toys in happy meals! From 2021 the chain will replace the plastic with soft toys, books or paper-based gifts. 
  • While industry and aviation takes a break during the crisis, our global air pollution output has dropped dramatically. Proving that it IS possible to make a difference when we try.
  • Theatre lovers rejoice! The National Theatre is streaming FREE plays every Thursday evening!
  • Community spirit and kindess is flourishing. From rainbows in the windows to clapping in the street, there’s a sense of togetherness out there, despite the doom and gloom.


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