Reviews are in!

Reviews are in!

We love to know where our candles end up being burned, and how they are enjoyed. We wanted to share with you this lovely review of our candles from Balanced Beauty in Bristol. You can take a look yourself but here's a small excerpt of how they found our Mulholland Drive and Hebrides scents...

Mulholland Drive candle burning"The amount of thought that has gone into these products, the story behind each one. You know so much love has gone into your candle. I think it’s beautiful, and ever so special. [...] The scents are perfectly balanced, exotic, enticing and yet oh so calming. The packaging is gorgeous. If you get one, make sure to get it gift wrapped to create the most pleasing consumer experience!! Also, with …THAT… holiday coming up, I’ll definitely be getting a couple."

Let us know what you think of our candles. We love to get your feedback. 


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