Small business, big love...

Small business, big love...

As we adjust to our new normal, so do some of our favourite small businesses. For us, one change during lockdown has been getting local and hand delivering orders within our own W4 postcode, cutting out unnecessary mail services. It's a small but cheerful change to our business and it means we get to meet so many of our local customers.

Here are some of the amazing ways we’re seeing small businesses adapt and embrace the tricky times, and some who are going out of their way to help others.

Cafes to the rescue.

A great example of how local businesses can adapt and help others is what many cafes and coffee shops are doing. Our local Post Room café in West London has been helping locals by preparing delicious takeaway meals for those in need. And we may not be able to sit in the café for a flat white and chat but we can pop by and pick up a bag of flour – one of the hardest to find items in our supermarkets!

Zooming fitness

Who knew, when we were forced to, we could work up such a sweat at home? Our membership cards to our yoga studios and gyms might be gathering dust, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get our stretch on online. Check out your local fitness clubs and see what they are offering. Our favourites BYC Hot Yoga are doing a brilliant job of getting us off our asanas.   

Blooming lovely

The act of sending a thoughtful gift is on the increase. Unable to see our friends and family, sending something to lift their spirits is something we’re doing more of. Obviously our own gift collection is your first port of call! We love Honeywell Biscuit Company for unique edible treasures and Patch plants for green gifts to cheer up the working from home makeshift office. And if you need gift cards, try Postmark for beautiful and unique greeting cards. 

Veg Box boom

Having locally-produced veg delivered to our doors is nothing new, but in these times where a trip to the supermarket can prove stressful, it’s become something of a life saver. People are embracing locally sourced produce as well as being imaginative with recipes. We love how Odd Box sends out ‘unique’ looking (but just as yummy) veg that supermarkets would otherwise reject.

Playful times

Many of us are struggling with the added pressure of becoming teachers to our home schooled little ones. But it need not be so daunting with the amount of helpful online resources out there. Free and fabulous, Play Hooray’s instagram is our go-to place when we’re stuck for ideas with our little one. Her online store has tons of great resources including the brilliant Play Prompts cards.

Which small businesses are doing the biz for you during lockdown?



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