So this is Christmas...

So this is Christmas...

Christmas is here! Lost In Scent is ready to pour the eggnog and dust off the Doris Day vinyl. This year we’re lost in nostalgia for Christmas past with our festive offerings:

HOLIDAY CHEER – ginger / cinnamon / orange

SNOWED IN – apple / spice / clementine

(Both available in 100g, 180g or 280g)

JOYEUX – cinnamon spice essential oil incense.

Taking inspiration from family festives of our childhood, where snowballs were sipped and not thrown, and tinsel tangled everything, our Christmas collection is as cosy and warming as any 25th December gathering should be.

Holiday Cheer and Snowed In are the perfect way to fill your home with yuletide joy. With Holiday Cheer’s sugary spiced notes, we’re transported to the excitement of Christmas markets, with warming vibes for crisp cold nights. Snowed In is as comforting as a night in front of the log fire with candied apple and hints of mulled wine.

We also offer a full festive gift set - the Holiday Cheer - which includes the full collection of our seasonal scents at a great price. 

Find out more about our Christmas collection here

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