Sweet soundtrack

Sweet soundtrack

We're so thrilled to launch our Sweet Midsummer playlist. Grammy nominated sound engineer and mixer Darren Heelis has kindly curated a very special selection of tracks to match the carefree vibe of our new scent. Having worked with the likes of Sam Smith, Tom Walker, Morcheeba, Sonia Stein and Georgio Moroder, Darren’s created a suitably eclectic and surprising playlist that we can’t stop playing. 

“I wanted to make a playlist that wasn’t the cliché summer vibes and reflected both the scent and my own tastes,” says Darren. “Some of these songs instantly make me think of summer – Rancid ‘Fall Back Down’ reminds me of last summer jumping up and down on my sofa with my four year old daughter. Sam Smith’s ‘One Day At A Time’, was one of my favourite songs we recorded two summers ago. It was all live in one room with the musicians and Sam. It was so hot outside but the song reminded me of a summer evening by a campfire. I could also not do a playlist without J. Cole or Sam Cooke’s masterpiece ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’. To me that song is perfection and I would wedge it into any playlist!”


You can find and follow the playlist here, or check out our music page where you’ll also find playlists to accompany all of our scents.

Find out more about Darren Heelis: @darrenheelis



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