The unique sense of smell

The unique sense of smell

We got into a great discussion recently on our instagram feed about the unique and surprising nature of scent. 

A recent trip to a yoga studio threw up some surprising nostalgia in the changing rooms as the cleaner had just finished and had used a very strong thick bleach to clean the showers. Many in the studio felt the smell intrusive or too 'chemically', but I find the smell of bleach a happy one. It evokes very strong memories of my Grandma (Peggy) fastidiously scrubbing her kitchen with the stuff. It also reminds me of Gosforth Swimming baths circa 1987, and many happy Saturday mornings there with my Dad. 

It got me thinking about how even scents that aren't considered 'nice' smells can evoke happiness in their nostalgia. The power of scent is so strong, it can transport us to places and times by surprise. Indeed, a friend recently remarked how our Sweet Midsummer candle reminds him of eating rhubarb and custard sweets as a child. 

Our instagram went a little crazy when we asked for some of our followers' unusual favourite scents. Here are a few...

- Hair perm solution

- Petrol

- Fake tan

- Burnt toast

- Carpet shampoo

- Sulphur

- Shoe polish

- Wet dog

- Nail polish remover

- Sileage

- Cow manure!

- PVA glue

- Weed killer

We aren't going to be launching a bleach candle any time soon, but it was a great reminder for us that each of us has a unique nose, a unique connection between scent and memory. Let us know what YOU love to smell! 

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