The weirdest libraries in the world...

The weirdest libraries in the world...


We’re enjoying our Lost Library adventure. It’s got us thinking about libraries around the world, and in Lost in Scent’s spirit of exploration we’ve found the five strangest libraries across the globe… 

1 The Levinski Garden Library. Located near a Tel Aviv bus station, this library is a simple structure with no walls, just open shelves on books to be borrowed for free. In an area popular with the refugee community in Tel Aviv, the library provides books for those who may not have legal citizenship. Reading transcending all barriers, this library provides a card in each book for the reader to note down their feelings on the book for the next borrower to see.

2  Jambin Dashdondog’s Mongolian travelling library. In the Gobi desert, writer Jambin’s mission to delivery books to children in remote areas has been ongoing for over 20 years. Travelling on a camel he happily takes books across the wilderness.

3 Epos floating library, Norway. Serving small and hard to reach villages around Norway’s vast fjords, the Epos provides free books to all. On a strict schedule the Epos only docks for two hours at a time at its 150 destinations on rotation.

4 Vending machine library. A bridge between old school bound books and the ebook revolution, library vending machines are popping up across the world. The first to open in the UK was in Warwickshire’s George Eliot hospital. Serving patients, visitors and staff 24/7, the vending machine stores a variety of genres.  

5 Lewisham Micro Library. A converted telephone box in south east London claims to be the capital’s smallest library. Without a formal system of sharing books, users are encouraged to return books or bring new contributions.











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