Top 5 Amalfi must-sees

Top 5 Amalfi must-sees


Di Amalfi, our brand new scent, is inspired by our own sun-soaked days on the Italian coastline. With its hidden coves and picture-perfect towns and villages, it’s a popular destination for any traveller in such of la dolce vita.

To celebrate the launch we share our 5 must-see spots on the Amalfi…

1. Positano. Busy, hard to get to and, yes, you won’t be able to move for tourists taking selfies in front of the famous town built into a cliffside. But you just simply can’t not experience Positano. Soak up the harbour glamour, explore the tiny winding streets of family-run trattorias and shops selling local limoncello.

2. Dine with style. From high end eateries to a slice of pizza by the shore, Amalfi’s food options are wide. If you’re feeling fancy try michellin-starred Zass in Positano, or La Sponda at the Surenuse hotel. For that classic Napolitan pizza, make the trip to Da Maria Trattoria in Amalfi town.

3. Take to the sea. Get out into the reassuringly blue Salerno gulf to truly admire the coastline’s rugged majesty. There are many boat options – day hires with your own guide from Sorrento, or simple boat taxis from town to cover. However you do it, get out into the water…

4. Fornillo beach. Because of its popularity even the most secluded of the Amalfi’s many coves and beaches will be busy in the summer. Fornillo is worth the journey. Accessed via a cliffside walk from Positano, Fornillo is a beautiful cove for wiling away an afternoon in the sunshine. Grab lunch at Da Ferdinando beach bar.

5. Hike the coast. With such stunning scenery it would be a shame not to explore Amalfi with your hiking boots. Try the  Il Vallone delle Ferriere pathway. A 4-mile route above the town of Amalfi. This walk will find you by streams lined with ferns, taking in waterfalls and through shaded woodland.











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