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Top 5 Californian hikes

We’re a London based brand, but we are forever inspired by our American adventures. Not least our Californian escapades, which inspired our ‘California’ collection of scents. To celebrate, we share our Top 5 californian hikes, from wilderness to cityscapes. Where do you love to hike?

  1. Muir Woods. Not far from the magic of San Francisco, this national park offers miles and miles of redwoods. Getting lost in amongst the giant trees is a pleasure, with the dreamy scent of the sequoias for company.
  2. Runyon Canyon. Yes, it’s obvious, yes it’s crowded and yes, the main goal of this hike for most is the selfie with LA below as a backdrop. But there’s something really fun and amusing about treading Hollywood’s most hiked canyon trailamongst the Instagram celebs, Kardashians and Los Angele’s body beautiful set.
  3. Mosiac Canyon. In comparison, Death Valley’s canyons are sparsely occupied but just as photographed. The natural geography of Death Valley’s many canyons feature narrow passes that create eerie and exciting scrambling opportunities.
  4. Yosemite Valley. (Above) There’s nowhere more beautiful in the world (our opinion, thanks!). Follow in John Muir’s footsteps under the gaze of iconic sights like El Capitan, Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.
  5. Indian Canyon. So close to glitzy, kitsch Palm Springs, but a world away in atmosphere. The lush palms of the Indian Canyon are like a botanical fairytale, providing shade from the desert’s unforgiving heat.  

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