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Top 5 coast road trips

As we journey the stunning Amalfi coastal road with our new scent Di Amalfi, we celebrate 5 of the most amazing coastal roads in the world. Take a trip…

CALANQUES DE PIANA Corsica’s D81 highway takes drivers on a journey through unique red-hued granite cliffs. At sunset the rocky, dramatic landscape is breath-taking.

BIG SUR The most iconic road trip of all time? This journey is timeless and unforgettable. (A bit like our Big Sur candle… just saying.)

CAUSEWAY COASTAL ROUTE Northern Ireland might not have the travel tourism pull of California but this road gives Big Sur a run for its money. With picturesque harbours and golden coves along the way, don’t miss the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

HANA HIGHWAY On Hawaii’s island of Maui this highway takes in 50 miles of lush, tropical coastline, with waterfalls, bamboo forests and bright blue surf along the way.

SERRA DA ARRÁBIDA Just south of Lisbon is this Portuguese gem of a journey. Pack a pasteis de nana and stop to enjoy those Atlantic views. 



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