Top 5 gin stops in the Hebrides

Top 5 gin stops in the Hebrides

We’re partial to a tipple and, as you know, we’re crazy about the Scottish Hebrides. So it should come as no surprise that we are passionate about some of the amazing gins that are being produced there. The gin explosion in Scotland is growing at a rapid pace, with new brands hitting shelves every week. Here are our five favourite gins from the Hebrides right now…

1. Isle of Harris Gin

Made from sugar kelp collected by a local diver, this Outer Hebridean gin is the real deal. We love everything about this product, but it’s worth purchasing for the beautiful glass bottle alone. If you make it to Harris you can visit their distillery to see just how this spirit is created.  (

2. The Botanist

Bottled at the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay, The Botanist has a devoted following now. The gin gets its name from the 22 local botanicals that are used to create it and the two local botanists who collect them.  (

 3. Tyree Gin

Made using kelp collected from the inner Hebridean island of Tiree, this gin is the start of the island’s distilling rebirth. Once the home of fifty whiskey distillers, the island is now turning its hand to gin, with this earthy tipple. ( )

4. Wild Island

Named after the rugged island of Colonsay, this gin is manufactured as a celebration of the spirit and beauty of its home. The herbaceous taste come from its main ingredients of wild water mint, sea buckthorn and bog myrtle. ( )

5. Barra Gin

High on our must-visit list is the Isle of Barra. With its white sands and palm trees, hard-to-reach Barra attracts visitors in droves every year. This gin is proving just as popular, with flavours created using red algae harvested from Barra’s atlantic exposed coast. Plans for a distillery on the island are still in progress.  ( )



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