Top 5 most peaceful places to live...

Top 5 most peaceful places to live...

Looking to find a moment of peace? You might want to consider a more global outlook. A study last year from the Institute of Economics and Peace found that the UK placed at #57 of 163 independent states in their study of peace and wellbeing around the world. According to their findings, the following 5 top the list of the most calm places to live…

5. Denmark. Considered one of the safest countries in the world with low crime and a perceived high respect for human rights. Copenhagen scores highly.

4. Portugal. The Portuguese apparently have one of the healthiest work/life balances in the world. It has a stronger economy than many of its European neighbours, making it a highly desirable destination for living.

3. Austria. Perhaps it’s the mountain air that gave this landlocked country such a high placing?

2. New Zealand. The Kiwis have not dropped out of studies on the top 3 most peaceful places to live in over a decade. With a small population to a expansive countryside, NZ rates highly and with rare inclusion in global political conflict increases wellbeing across the happy population.

1. Iceland. It’s official, Iceland rates as the most calm, peaceful place to live in the world. With wellbeing found to be high across its small population it is worth noting that 97% of Iceland’s citizens identify as “middle and working class”, and class tension is found to be almost non-existent. Get us to Reykjavik!

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