We're here for you!

We're here for you!

These are challenging times for everybody. It's certainly not the 2020 we had in mind when we started the year. As a small business we are used to rolling with the punches but it's got to be said, this one's really taken us aback. 

That said, we are most definitely still here. We're running Lost in Scent as best we can. While many of our stockists are closed during the lockdown, our online store is open and we are able to get orders out to you as quickly as the mail system allows us too. 

During times when we know many of our customers are buying gifts to cheer up loved ones we have reduced our delivery spend minimum to just £20. So, for those of you sending candles to your family and friends, or buying a pick-me-up for yourself, this should help to make things a little bit easier. 

We're also embracing having our very much NOT silent partner in the business, our almost-4-year-old son, much more involved! He cheers us up every day, joins us on hand deliveries and helps to inspire us with art work of the great outdoors (see pic!). 

How are you doing? We hope you're well and healthy. 

Stay happy, 

Andy and Darrell x 






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