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What's your favourite scent?

Sense of scent is extremely subjective. What one person could breathe in all day long, makes another person feel positively nauseated. Certain smells, like lavender, can polarise opinions (personally, I love it!). 

Back in 2015, a survey from decorating brand Harris, polled the public and found Britain's top 10 scents. Here are the results...

  1. Freshly baked bread
  2. Bacon
  3. Freshly cut grass
  4. Coffee
  5. Cakes baking in the oven
  6. The seaside
  7. Freshly washed clothes
  8. A Sunday roast
  9. Fish and chips
  10. Fresh flowers.  

Now, we can't promise we've got a sliced white loaf candle in the works, nor are we working with bacon scents, but we can definitely help out with a few of the others. Fresh flowers are in abundance in many of our scents, not least Birdsong and Mulholland Drive. If you're after scents of the seaside, you might try Big Sur for waves of sea salt. Fresh cut grass is a favourite of ours too, and features in one of our upcoming scents for later this year.

What's your favourite scent? 


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