Where there's smoke...

Where there's smoke...

We are so delighted to finally announce the launch of our brand new incense sticks. The addition of incense to our collection has been a goal for a long time. It's taken us a little while to get the right blend, but the wait has been worth it!

Created using 100% natural ingredients, from a base of tropical plants, sandalwood and ground vegetable coal, to the coating of 100% natural essential oils, these sticks are an atmosphere enhancing experience. Each of the four scents are based on travel and evoke a sensory story with every burn.

Woods, with its cedar heart is earthy and full of adventure. Canyon, takes us to peaceful hikes through Death Valley. Flores is a sweet geranium story of Mediterranean nights. And Campfire, with its warming musk, is for the wanderlust of the great outdoors. 

Our incense is carefully sourced from India. We have worked in collaboration with the Mereville Trust to ensure the sticks are produced in community-enriching environments and free of child labour and exploitation. You can find out more about the Mereville Trust here

If you're new to incense, banish all thoughts of it being too overpowering or distracting. Our sticks create a gentle, uplifting atmosphere, great for cleansing the air for meditation and focus. Particularly we love to use incense outdoors in the summer evenings, where their soft smoke is a great deterrent for wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects. 

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