You must podcast this

You must podcast this

We recently posted about our favourite podcast, You Must Remember This, on our instagram feed. From film critic and author Karina Longworth, the podcast features unheard tales of Hollywood's first century and if you're a movie buff it's compulsive listening. We got a lot of responses to our post asking which episodes to start with, so we thought we would give you a starter's guide as to where too begin. We really suggest you subscribe and devour them all but for time-saving sake here are our top five must-listen episodes...

1.  Theda Bara   (pictured above)

At one time Theda was one of Hollywood's hottest stars, comparable in fame to the likes of her contemporaries Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford. The original femme fatale from the silent movie era. This episode tells her story and explains why she's been all but forgotten in movie history. 

2. Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen

She was Hollywood's most formidable star during her leading lady years, earning respect and fear in equal measure! But did you know that during WW2 Bette was the figurehead for the Hollywood Canteen, a nightclub for servicemen staffed by Hollywood stars? 

3. Charles Manson's Hollywood Part 5: Doris Day and Terry Melcher

The entirety of Karina's series about cult leader and murderer Charles Manson and his connection to Hollywood is worth binging. This episode is a great example of how the podcast shines a light on angles not widely explored in the bigger story. Did you know the connection between saccharine sweet Doris Day and Manson? Listen to find out.

4. Bela and Boris Part 2: Bela and the Vampires

In this episode Karina explores Bela Lugosi, the original horror antihero and his rise to fame. When Bela stepped onto the set of 1931's genre-changing movie Dracula the didn't know the role would go on to define him and shape the direction of his life.

5. Carole Lombard and Clark Gable

Hollywood's power couple were destroyed by the untimely death of Carole Lombard in a plane crash in 1942. The tragedy sent Clark - Hollywood's pin up - into a breakdown which saw him pulling strings to sign up to fight Hitler (who was known to have an obsession with the actor) in WW2. 

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