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Travel candle bundle: 1 for £11 / 2 for £20 / 3 for £27*

Little tin, big adventure.

Now in perfectly portable travel tins, our soy wax candles are easy to take with you on your adventures. Transforming any space with your favourite scent, these candles may be small but the adventure is bigger than ever before.

Available in Lost In Scent’s signature scents – Big Sur, Birdsong, Wilderness,  Hebrides, Sierra Nevada, Chiswick Herb – and introducing our brand new Sweet Midsummer scent. So depending on your mood you can choose to bring a little bit of the coast, the forest, mountain or walled garden with you wherever you explore.

Choose from:

BIG SUR: Bergamot / Sage / Sea salt

CHISWICK HERB Mint / Jasmine / Tomato Leaf

SWEET MIDSUMMER: Rhubarb / Lemon / Plum blossom

SIERRA NEVADA: Sweet lime / Amber / Tobacco flower

WILDERNESS: Pine / Cedar / Rosemary

HEBRIDES: Black pepper / Tobacco / Heather

BIRDSONG: Freesia / Rose / Pear

 *bundle offer cannot be used alongside any other discount.

100% paraben-free soy wax. Cotton and linen wick.

Burning: Approx. 20 hours burn time. To get the best out of your candle always trim the wick to 5mm before each use to avoid smoking. Each time you use allow the burn pool to reach the edge of the tin. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Leave the tin to cool before handling.