We create scents inspired by travel, culture and joy. Our aim is to bring a sense of adventure to your home and make it smell amazing. Every candle is hand-poured in small batches in our London studio using soy wax, cotton wicks and sustainable packaging.
Journey home with us. 


Lost in Scent are us, Darrell & Andy. We created Lost in Scent on a mission to bring a scent of adventure to your home, your sanctuary. 


/travel/ off-map and with endless time, wanderings and wonderings from Route 1 down the Big Sur (where our plan for Lost in Scent began) to following prayer flags through the majestic Himalaya. Finding new routes and sharing adventures. Bringing the thrill home. /memory/ Scent is a personal sense. A hidden trove of memories. Sweet roses and tomato leaf in our grandparent's gardens in the 80s. Herbs that evoke our best kitchen memories. Highland hikes captures in earth and black pepper and tobacco. What unlocks our memories may mean something completely different to you, which is the joy of scent to us. / art / Our signature blue, representing endless possibility - deep sea to open skies. Wes Anderson's colour and observation. /fun/ it has to evoke joy. If we aren't having fun creating it, we can't trust it will ever inspire happiness for anybody else. /ethical/ how do we make it fair? Are we the best versions of ourselves that we can be? How can we do better? No cruelty, no exploitation. / nostalgia and forward thinking / Looking back helps us look ahead. Inspired by the travels and memories of times gone by, helps us create new directions and plan to make new memories.