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Lost In Scent aims to produce beautiful candles free from any animal cruelty or damage to the environment. 


Lost In Scent is proud to produce candles free of any animal cruelty. Many candles on the market are made using parrafin wax. These candles generally use stearic acid (an animal fat) to harden their wax. Lost In Scent only uses 100% soy wax to create candles free of animal product. Soy wax is also completely free of harmful chemicals, meaning you can relax and breathe deep knowing you aren’t inhaling any toxins.

Other benefits of using soy wax include a longer burn time and a greater scent-throw. So, not only can you enjoy a cruelty-free burn, the journey can last longer and shine brighter. 

All candles are made using paraben free and vegan friendly fragrance oils. 

Plastic free

Our candle lids, and our travel candles are made from 100% recyclable aluminium and/or amber glass jars. This means that every part of our candle products - from the jar and lid, to how we package our boxes, is free of plastic. 

If you want to know more about why going plastic free is important, you can read more here. According to Sir David Attenborough, the time is now for us all to do something, even if it's just an effort to ditch our plastic shopping bags at the supermarket.

Ethically sourced

We are fully committed to ethically sourcing all materials involved in the making of our products. We look to minimise carbon footprint by sourcing all materials from suppliers here in the UK. We are in partnership with the Merville Trust in India where we source our incense sticks. They provide assurances of products created free from child labour.