Q and A with brand founder Darrell Wilson...

What made you want to create your own home fragrance line?
"I’ve always been inspired by scent. Just as some people find music, or the taste of a particular meal would evoke memories, for me the sense of smell has a powerful effect in conjuring nostalgia. The earthiness of a tomato plant transports me to my Grampa’s greenhouse, the hit of campfire smoke takes me back to family holidays under canvas. I think scent can be a beautiful way to recapture the happy times.
In my past career within the retail industry I worked for big fragrance brands which taught me some of the foundations of creating fragrance stories and I wanted to take that further by developing my own brand, marrying my love of scent and travel."


How do you go about creating the specific scents?

"For us, the memory or story always comes first, and we set about curating the fragrance blend to capture it. For example, we always knew we wanted to evoke that feeling of driving down Route 1 and exploring Big Sur, and spent a long time finding the right blend of oils to take us back there. Recreating the essence of where the shoreline meets the forest which Highway 1 cuts through, it took us a while!" 

Tell us about your favourite travel destinations?

"I got my first camera when I was 8 years old, and seeking out new places to experience and photograph has been a passion since then. North America and particularly the National Parks has been a big part of our travels in recent years. Our Wilderness scent is inspired by some of those great moments of just being alone in the woods. The feeling of escaping the everyday is my passion, be it on a glacier in Iceland, or lost in the crowds of Mexico City."

Which is your personal favourite scent?

"It’s too hard to pick! They all serve different moods or occasions.  I like to burn Big Sur to feel energised, Mulholland Drive is saved for more laconic evenings with friends sharing a cocktail. Birdsong works great on summer evenings, but in the depths of dark winter I like to use it to take me back to the halcyon days too! Hebrides of course transports me back to my magical homeland."

What’s your main hope when someone buys a Lost In Scent product?

"I hope that when they burn one of our candles they can be taken away with their own memories of travel, or good times. That sense of continuing to enjoy the journey, or feel inspired to take a new one. Each candle comes with a ‘travel ticket’ giving you a little extra. We’ve curated a Spotify playlist for each scent to immerse you even further. It’s also important to us that our products look beautiful in the home too and we hope it sits pretty wherever you burn it."

Where do you see the Lost In Scent journey taking you next?

We’re working hard on expanding our scent line. This includes a new size of candle and small batch scents that take our storytelling further. We are refining new journeys via our scents for Spring and Summer 2019. In the future we would love to offer lifestyle products that enhance the scent journey along with online content that satisfies our customers wanderlust and sense of adventure.