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5 scientifically proven ways to wellbeing...

You are important. Make yourself a priority. It's important to look after yourself in January, after a possibly stressful December running around after everybody else. If you find it hard to invest in yourself, try these five suggestions that are scientifically proven to improve well being.
1. Sleep more. A study by the University of Surrey found that getting one extra hour of sleep per day improved happiness and health in those they tested. 
2. Plant something. Spending time with nature is found to correlate with an increase in how positive people feel about themselves, according to a study by the University of Derby. 
3. Meet happy people. Harvard researchers discovered that having a happy friend with whom you spend quality time with increased a probability of happiness by 9%.
4. Meditate. People who invest in quiet time are much less prone to anxiety and stress (UCLA studies show). We love the Headspace app for their simple introduction to meditating. 
5. Go for a walk. Taking yourself for a walk, either in the countryside or around the neighbourhood, can give you a mood boost that will last for up to seven hours, according to recent research.


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